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  • Simplify controlled components with React hooks

    Learn how to use new React hooks API to handle state changes for simplified creation of controlled components.

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  • Data Visualization with D3.js

    The Javascript library D3.js provides many ways to share data through vibrant, customizable visualization in web browsers.

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  • Remote Pairing: A Higher Method of Collaboration

    While it’s a familiar phrase, “two minds are better than one” gets at the heart of paired programming. Two developers can deliver code faster and with fewer errors.

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  • A Quick Summary of Developing on the HoloLens

    Here's a brief overview of our experience developing for the HoloLens 2, and some thoughts about the future of this platform.

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  • The Master Developer's
    Path of Productivity

    With over three decades of experience as a software developer, GenUI Software Architect Shane Brinkman-Davis Delamore offers personal insights and a general philosophy for achieving 10x developer productivity.

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  • No More Secrets: the Best Creds are No Creds

    A few alternatives to dealing with the overwhelming number of credentials required by modern software infrastructure.

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  • A Crash Course in Flutter

    Flutter is an emerging multi-platform application platform developed by Google, centered on Material Design and featuring aggressive composability with the Dart programming language.

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  • GenUI Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

    On Thursday May 2, 2019, the team at GenUI - along with a sizable assembly of our clients, partners, and friends - celebrated the completion of our first decade in business, along with the commencement of the second.

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  • An Exploration of Serverless Architecture and Frameworks

    Serverless architecture is a hot topic, and promises several advantages, because it allows developers to skip the time and overhead of planning infrastructure. But how does it change the way one starts a project, and is it worth the hype?

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  • A Case Study in Azure and .NET Core

    Recently at GenUI, we had the opportunity to put the suite of Azure and .NET Core services to the test to continuously deliver a web application for one of our customers.

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  • Embracing Opportunities in Technology

    GeekWire covers GenUI's groundbreaking El Salvador internship program

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  • Why Tech Leadership in 2019 is All About Creating Safety

    A safety net means safe engineering practices and infrastructure that together serve to de-risk the process of innovation.

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  • Creating Winning Software Products for Apple Watch

    Apple Watch sales are finally surging, which makes creating apps to support it well worth the challenge and effort.

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  • Our 2018 Technology Outlook

    Technologies that have always been 'just a few years away' are finally going to arrive, and soon. In this yearly outlook, we predict which ones will hit, which ones will miss, and how software and hardware engineering will be changed forever.

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  • Seattle Children's PRISM App: Promoting Resilience

    This summer, we took the remarkable opportunity to collaborate with our design partners at the Artefact Group and an inspired group of pediatricians on the Seattle Children’s Digital Health team to bring to life a concept to help teens and young adults faced with serious illness.

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  • Hackathon in Kampala, Uganda: "Mobile First" in Africa

    What else could an app developer want than to show off their skills with open creativity? That’s just what the Kampala “Mobile First” Hackathon has uniquely given Ugandans the opportunity to do.

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  • Pair Programming Solves Soft Engineering Problems

    By pairing with others, the team would be aware and up-to-date on her work, and the common problems she faced.  The result is eliminating some of the communication issues felt by many teams of solo engineers.

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  • Vendor Perspective: The Mobile In-app Payment User Experience

    Now that technology companies that understand user experience provide in-app purchases, the purchase process is easy for both consumers and vendors. A better experience for everyone makes them more money.

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