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Computing For Humanity

Our greatest opportunity lies in making technology work for everyone.

Founded on a Vision of Innovation

General UI was founded in 2009 on the belief that our ability to use pervasive computing effectively will create profound opportunities for mankind to make positive change.

As the world becomes more automated, the knowledge work of software engineering and development will remain a great opportunity and challenge for human beings. The principles necessary to support the quality and productivity of this work are at the heart of General UI.

Company Values

A commitment to a set of values, standards, and ethics form the basis of a profession. As a company, we have chosen these professional values at our core, and they guide the practice of our profession as well as the growth of our firm.


What the world needs is leadership, particularly in the face of the dramatic change that technology brings. Those who lead by sharing a vision of the future with a highly capable team and then supporting them through their work will change the world.


The safety of our practice is fundamental to health of our business. Safety to innovate, the safety to be transparent, and the safety to communicate effectively are all essential parts of the supporting environment for employees and customers alike.


We believe that good work should succeed and remain successful over time, even in the context of a rapidly evolving business and technology environment. We believe that the key to building work that lasts is to build it to be adaptable, capable of dramatic change over time without incurring significant waste.


Software is invisible. Or at best, opaque. Customers — and even our own team! — usually can’t see the work that we are doing, and when it’s done, it’s automatic and effortless. So there’s a real challenge for our customers to perceive and understand the value we’re adding through the work we are doing. The only solution to this challenge is transparency: we need to involve the customer as much as possible in the detail of our work, whenever and every time they are ready to deep dive with us.


Knowledge work only provides sustainable value when it is fully socialized; that is, owned by a team rather than an individual. Work that is not done in collaboration ends up being disconnected, leading to decay. Collaboration in our work is fundamental to the establishment and support of the other company values.


More important than any given set of team practices, rituals, or tools is the team's shared trust and alignment in collaboration and continuous improvement.

Customer Trust

Customer Trust is the reward we receive from demonstrating all of our professional values to the customer over time, proving our worth as consulting advisors and consistently delivering a valuable result in exchange for our fees. The sustainability of our own business depends on the feedback loop of customer trust, resulting in new projects from existing customers as well as referrals.


As consultants, we can apply our expertise to a wide array of projects and subject matter. However, we make the conscious decision to choose the projects that solve problems that can make a positive difference in the world.


The purpose, and the reward, of bringing all our values to life in our work is freedom. Freedom, and its close relative fun, should exist in and during our work, in addition to our work creating those things outside of work.

Executive Leadership

Jason Thane

Jason Thane is a lifelong technology innovator with experience that includes bringing over 50 software products from concept to market. A co-founder of General UI, Jason promotes the growth of a leading community of digital product designers and engineers centered on values of sustainability and collaboration as the keys to mastery. Jason has a deep focus on General UI's mission to use disciplined practices to consistently exceed expectations while delivering work that defines and distinguishes the consultancy.

Jason Greer

Drawing on his experience of founding and managing private and publicly held companies, he concentrates on strategy, partnerships and people, as he directs operations to support General UI's teams and clients on achieving maximum ROI.

Jason Greer is passionate about contributing to the community in Seattle both through his work at General UI and serving local philanthropic organizations.

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Supporting Our Team and Customers With Leadership

“The values we share are critical to our success as a team, and to our competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our values are the platform on which we build our development teams and create our future.”

Jason Greer
General UI Co-Founder