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Software for Humans

Our greatest opportunity lies in making computing work for everyone

Our Values

A profession is defined by dedication to a set of values, standards, and ethics. As a company, we have chosen these professional values at our core, and they guide the practice of our profession as well as the growth of our firm.


The safety of our practice is fundamental to health of our business. Safety to innovate, the safety to trust, and the safety to communicate are all essential parts of the supporting environment for employees and customers alike.


As professionals, we practice total commitment to the objectives of our clients, and to one another. This practice takes the form of listening with empathy and depth, followed by dedicated advocacy.


Innovation can only happen when you have safety, commitment, and the courage to make change. Courage inspires us to drive to the heart of what's possible, and what matters most.

Our Belief

The future will be built together.

We believe the way to innovate with impact is not to go it alone, but to create profound collaboration. We believe all great things have been accomplished by people who share a foundation of trust and communication.


Jason Thane

Jason Thane is a leader and innovator with experience that includes bringing over 50 software products from concept to market. A co-founder of GenUI, Jason supports the growth of a leading community of digital product designers and engineers centered on values of sustainability and collaboration as the keys to mastery. Jason has a deep focus on GenUI's mission to use disciplined practices to consistently exceed expectations while delivering work that defines and distinguishes the consultancy.

Jason Greer

Drawing on his experience of founding and managing private and publicly held companies, he concentrates on strategy, partnerships and people, as he directs operations to support GenUI's teams and clients on achieving maximum ROI.

Jason Greer is passionate about contributing to the community in Seattle both through his work at GenUI and serving local philanthropic organizations.

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Our Business is Collaboration

“The values we share are critical to our success as a team, and to our competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our values are the platform on which we build our development teams and create our future.”

Jason Greer
GenUI Co-Founder