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Integrated design and engineering delivers the experience your customers deserve.

Our Services

Product Strategy
Product Strategy

We begin your design phase by analyzing and understanding your approach to technology and your highest-level strategy. By listening carefully to your goals, we integrate your strategy with our outlook and give you options to address the best technology opportunities of today and tomorrow.

User Experience Design
User Experience Design

The user story is key. To create delightful, customer-obsessed products, we consider every aspect of the user experience with a focus on speed, efficiency, and clarity. We believe in simple adoption and intuitive design, gracefully exposing depth and detail in alignment with the user's interest.

Software Architecture
Software Architecture

The right software architecture can mean the difference between a product that grows and succeeds over time and a product that fails in the face of a changing customer and technology environment. Good software architecture is at the core of our approach to quality engineering and product sustainability.

App Development
App Development

Our award-winning native mobile, desktop, and IoT applications are built by collaborative teams using the latest industry best practices. We believe in solid software architecture, and test-oriented engineering to support code that is clean, robust, and adaptable.

Continuous Validation
Continuous Validation

General UI measures the response to your product hypothesis by creating a minimum viable product with which we can test the value proposition as early as possible. By basing further iterative design on the validation of your product, we center on the user and optimize the efficiency of your investment.

Trust and Collaboration
Trust and Collaboration

The quality of a digital product is a direct reflection of the quality of the team and the team's practices. Our business is built on processes derived from principles of collaboration, trust, and communication as expressions of our integrity and pride in our work.

Key Capabilities

Mobile Applications
Full-Stack Web Applications
Cloud and Distributed Applications
Internet of Things (IoT)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)™

Core Technologies

Ruby on Rails
Open VR

Founding Values

Customer Service
User-Centered Design
Test-Driven Development
Paired Programming
Extreme Programming
Agile Tools & Philosophy
Supportive Management

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Jason Greer
General UI Co-Founder